Monday, December 11, 2017

NBC’s Will & Grace revival will treat the characters as if...

The network is so excited that it's renewed the show for season 2 — months before it even premieres. Will & Grace is coming back to NBC this fall, and NBC sure hopes it’s so close to the original that you might forget it ever went away in the first place. The upcoming revival — which premieres September 28 — came up several times throughout NBC’s day of panels at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, as thrilled executives salivated over the prospect of having it back on the network’s Thursday schedule. For some context on why, NBC executives Bob Greenblatt and Jennifer Salke acknowledged that NBC’s comedy record has been spotty as of late, with The Carmichael Show holding the title of the network’s longest-running sitcom at a whole three seasons (it was also abruptly canceled this summer). So even though it’s been 11 years since Will & Grace ended, NBC is ready to revive one of its older reliable hits, preferably while making as few adjustments as possible to..

Angelina Jolie says Vanity Fair mischaracterized how her new film treated...

The magazine is standing by its Angelina Jolie profile, disturbing anecdote about her film’s casting process and all. Almost a year after the news that Angelina Jolie was filing for divorce from Brad Pitt after 11 years of marriage, tabloid gossip, and preternaturally beautiful children, Jolie broke her silence on the cover of Vanity Fair’s September issue. As far as spinning stories of turbulence into ones of resilience goes, Jolie beatifically lowering herself from the clouds to deliver her account for a magazine cover story — one that gushes over her humanitarian work, besides — is as straight-up as PR strategies get. But in between penning florid descriptions of Jolie’s new home and lavishing praise upon her commitment to humanitarian causes, writer Evgenia Peretz included an anecdote that has eclipsed anything Jolie actually said about her famous marriage. Peretz writes about casting directors for Jolie’s Netflix film First They Killed My Father — a memoir adaptation about the ..

Perkuat GrabPay, Grab tunjuk mantan Managing Director LINE

Platform aplikasi pemesanan kendaraan dan pembayaran mobile, Grab, mengumumkan mantan Managing Director LINE Ongki Kurniawan sebagai Managing Director GrabPay di Indonesia.Penunjukan posisi senior ini akan membantu GrabPay dalam ...

Wacana tanpa degradasi di Liga 1, MU kokoh di puncak

Penyerang Madura United (MU) Peter Ozase Odemwingie (kanan) berusaha melewati hadangan pemain Persel..

The “this is fine” bias in cable news

When staying calm becomes misleading. There’s a norm in American political journalism that requires journalists to generally be unfazed by the political disputes they cover — the job of a journalist is to remain neutral and unemotional in the face of America’s political screaming matches. That norm stems from a desire to have journalists remain objective, even during heated political disputes. And it’s produced a kind of detached, even-keeled form of news speak — think of the way Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, and Lester Holt deliver the news. That tone might be appropriate in normal political disputes, but in the Trump era, it’s made news coverage feel totally inadequate. Many of the news stories of the past few months haven’t been normal; they’ve represented significant breakdowns in democratic norms. Take the recent Senate health care vote, for example. Senate Republicans voted to consider a wildly unpopular health care bill without knowing what was in it, tried to pass it in the..

Impian dari sebuah festival

Ilustrasi: mengelola pertunjukan. © Khakimullin Aleksandr /Shutterstock Banyak sekali saya menont..

Kesehatan, kehormatan, dan hal menarik lain pekan ini

SALINDIA 1 / 4 > Ilustrasi © Black Salmon /Shutterstock Dalam sepekan (11/9) hingga (17/9) b..

BlackBerry bakal buat smartwatch?

Setelah dikabarkan tengah mengembangkan smartphone terbaru bernama "Krypton", BlackBerry kini dilaporkan telah menandatangani perjanjian lisensi dengan pembuat jam tangan Timex.Sementara kontrak tersebut tidak mengungkapkan ...

Layanan pembayaran mobile Google Tez meluncur di India

Google secara resmi meluncurkan sistem pembayaran mobile baru di India. Dinamai Tez, layanan tersebut tersedia dalam bentuk aplikasi seluler, dan ditujukan untuk mempermudah pembayaran dan transfer uang."Kirim uang ke rumah ...

YouTube Go resmi masuk Indonesia

Google Indonesia mengumumkan aplikasi YouTube Go, yang hemat data, dapat diunduh di Play Store mulai hari ini, Senin (18/9).“Aplikasi ini dirancang sesuai kebutuhan masyarakat Indonesia, terutama yang diluar Jakarta,” kata ...